Science & Religion Course in Belfast

Faraday Institute Course in Belfast: An Introduction to Science and Religion

Union Theological College, Belfast: June 24-26, 2011

Aim of Course
This short weekend course is for busy people who would like to obtain a broad introductory overview of the science-religion debate from leading spcialists in the field, covering topics such as the ‘conflict model’ of the science-faith relationship, how the debate is perceived in the media, how religious beliefs might be justified in the light of science, and the issue of miracles. The impact of particular sciences such as modern cosmology and neuroscience on faith will also be addressed, as will ‘animal theology’. There will be plenty of opportunity for interactions with speakers during the periods set aside for questions and discussion.
Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics
The Course will be held at Union Theological College, Belfast.
Fees & Application Form
Check out the Faraday Institute’s website for a Fee Structure, Course Application Form and on-line submission at: 

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