Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie

Conjectures of an Eclectic Christian

Parrots join apes and Aristotle in the club of reason – life – 22 June 2011 – New Scientist.

According to the New Scientist, parrots should no longer be considered as ‘bird brains’.  Apparently, an investigation undertaken by Sandra Mikolasch of the University of Vienna’s Konrad Lorenz Research Station in Austria and her colleagues has demonstrated that a parrot can use logical reasoning to work out where food is hidden.

Does this new evidence have any influence on how we view parrots from a theological perspective?  Have we been guilty of reading into our Bibles (particularly the Book of Genesis) that our fellow animals are much less intelligent and cognitively advanced than they are in actuality?  Isn’t it time that this was redressed?

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