Living a Meaningful Life…….What Does it Matter?

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Todd May, a Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University asks some searching questions in his article ‘The Meaningfulness of Lives.’  How do we define meaning?  Does it really matter?  Should we just stop ‘navel gazing’ and get on with life?  Oh, and does philosophy (and by extension, theology) have anything useful to say to us in this respect?  May, in his well-argued article, deals with all of these questions and concludes  that:

In what I have called an age of economics, it is even more urgent to ask the question of a meaningful life:  what it consists in, how we might live one.  Philosophy cannot prescribe the particular character of meaning that each of us should embrace.  It cannot tell each of us individually how we might trace the trajectory that is allotted to us.  But it can, and ought to, reflect upon the framework within which we consider these questions, and in doing so perhaps offer a lucidity we might otherwise lack.  This is as it should be.  Philosophy can assist us in understanding how we might think about our lives, while remaining modest enough to leave the living of them to us.

All of which makes perfect sense!  You can read the entire article for yourself here:

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