Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie

Conjectures of an Eclectic Christian

According to Robert McCauley, the William Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor and the director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture at Emory University:

Religion involves cognitive representations and cognitive processing that come naturally to human minds, while science traffics in radically counterintuitive representations and in forms of cognitive processing whose acquisition and mastery require disciplined reflective activity across many years of formal education.

via Why Might Our Minds Be Better Suited to Religion Than to Science?.

This is an interesting hypothesis that intuitively makes sense; I’d like to see more evidence though on which McCauley tests the conceptual framework against which his idea can be tested.  I guess this is provided in his new book  Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not.

One thought on “Why Might Our Minds Be Better Suited to Religion Than to Science?

  1. That is very interesting! And why shouldn’t religion be only natural to humans, given that thousands of cultures across the world have hundreds of different religions


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