Animated Poetry from R.D. Laing

I love this virtual movie of the Scottish Psychiatrist and Poet R. D. Laing (1927 – 1989). Here, he’s reciting one of his best poems – “I’ve Seen Better Days” – against a musical backdrop that was part of his one-and-only ‘poetry to music’ album.  Here are the first four stanzas:

I’ve seen better days
My spirit is weak
My flesh is in ruins
I can’t see my feet

It was nice while it lasted
Some of the time
A few minor offences
No major crime

I laughed through my fears
I passed for a man
There are no cheers
I also ran

I’m just another sinner
Without the power to be
What they said I must remember
God wanted out of me

Excellent! Here’s the film:

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