Addiction, Dysfunction and a Pernicious Sub-Culture

The 2010 documentary film ‘A Swansea Love Story‘ follows the chaotic and tragic lives of a group of young addicts caught up in South Wales’ frightening heroin epidemic.

The intimate look into their lives highlights the role that economic depression, family breakdown, dysfunctional relationships and addiction have in creating unbreakable cycles for the people in their grip.

The film is centred on the lives of a young, homeless couple named Amy and Cornelius; as heroin addicted alcoholics their lives are pitifully dysfunctional.

Despite the motif of hopelessness that a ‘Swansea Love Story’ inculcates in the viewer, there are moments of humour, and indeed hope, shining through.  But one is still left pondering on the hard questions such as the role of wider society in sitting back and letting a destructive sub-culture develop and even flourish.  Most of the individuals featured came from abusive or otherwise dysfunctional families; the lack of employment was also a powerful factor in generating a sense of disconnect from wider society.

So we are left pondering our own role in all of this. Are we in any way responsible as members of wider society? Or have the people featured in the film just made some very poor choices for which they are solely responsible?  Watch the film and make up your own mind:

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