A Call to Protest: Slavoj Žižek and the New Social Order

Slavoj Žižek is regarded as one of the ideological pioneers of the Occupy movement, but he believes that its demands don’t go far enough. Žižek sees no future for capitalism and has for many years called for a radical break with the past in favour of a new social order. His critique of capitalism is compelling, but is his vision of the future a realistic one?  You can judge for yourselves by watching this short interview with the man himself:

4 responses to “A Call to Protest: Slavoj Žižek and the New Social Order”

  1. There isnt much by way of substance in relation to what this new political reality would look like, but it sounds good. It acknowledges the failure both of communism and Capitalism. This is surely correct.


  2. Any new order will be overcome by human greed and restore the gap between “them and us”


  3. A new order will not be imposed but needs to be created by the people for the people and for the planet. It will include the Commons as true representation of the people. In May there is a series of 12 seminars in London to address exactly that:


    In 12 seminars we will examine together such questions as:

    Economically, what steps are needed to adjust the rules of the present interest-driven, debt-based economy to the sustainable targets of our natural, social and cultural commons?

    Politically, how can the philosophy of individual wealth (ownership, division of labor, reciprocity) be reconciled with the interests of collective wealth (trusteeship, the unity of producers and consumers, complementarity)?

    Socially, would it be possible for people’s trusts to create sustainable limits to protect our commons for future generations, then rent the remaining resources to business for production and distribution, and provide these revenues to government for the funding of social dividends and the restoration of the depleted commons?

    The vital and complex questions introduced in these seminars do not have easy answers. The investigation into how the “commons” may connect and synergise the economic, social, philosophical, spiritual, and political spheres, and facilitate the great transition to an equitable and sustainable world, is an ongoing challenge.

    Working together for the Commons through commoning and moving from notions of ownership to stewardship is necessary for a sustainable and thriveable future for ALL of us.

    Many useful links to be found here: http://www.indiegogo.com/CommonsEconomyRising


    1. Thanks Anna. Those seminars look interesting…….


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