The Death of Philosophy?

The Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Prof. Slavoj Žižek answers this question in this short ‘big think’ clip: “Do you think science has replaced philosophy in discovering the bigger questions of life?” Typically forthright, Žižek answers in the negative, claiming that philosophy is not dying, rather we need it more now than ever. And he is of course right. Why? Well for starters philosophy provides the grounding suppositions on which all scientific endeavour is constructed. Not only that, scientific understanding is informed by philosophy and vice versa.  Consider the case of quantum physics – a proper understanding of the myriad implications of quantum theory requires a philosophical input.

Philosophy at its best is much more than futile navel gazing; it can open up new frontiers in thinking and force us to look outside the box and into a wider vista of possibilities.  There needs to be more widespread teaching of philosophy at all levels if we are to make best use of technological and scientific opportunities.  That’s why I’m with Žižek on this, and many other issues!

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