The Lure of Lucid Dreaming

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‘Lucid dreaming technically refers to any occasion when the sleeper is aware they are dreaming. But it is also used to describe the idea of being able to control those dreams. Once confined to a handful of niche groups, interest in lucid dreaming has grown in recent years, spurred on by a spate of innovations from smartphone apps to specialist eye masks, all promising the ability to influence our dreams’. So says a correspondent writing for the online BBC News Magazine.

There is of course nothing new about the concept of ‘lucid’ dreaming; it sits alongside other consciousness altering activities such as meditation and contemplative prayer as a practice which has a long history.  But it is now becoming more mainstream, with an eclectic group of practitioners coming together across the UK.

Why do people do it? The BBC interviewed Caroline McCready, an artist and regular at lucid dreaming meetings and got an interesting response.  McCready said: ‘You’re able to ask yourself very profound questions, and get answers. I’ve come to understand a lot of my fears now because I’m able to confront them directly in dreams.’

To find out more, read the full article here on the BBC website:

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