The Cult Conundrum

I never cease to be amazed at how persuasive cult leaders can be when it comes to manipulating vulnerable people in to believing, and adopting, their unique worldview and spiritual practices.  Today, there are no shortage of cult groupings who wreak havok with people’s lives, leaving many isolated from family and friends and wider society.

Take the Australia-based ‘Jesus Cult’ as an example. Run by the controversial spiritual teacher Alan John Miller and based in a remote part of Queensland, Australia, the group holds “Divine Truth” seminars which focus on what they call  the “Divine Love Path” and “Emotional Clearing.” It may seem innocuous enough, but when you add in to the mix that Miller actually believes that he is Jesus, it begins to get much more serious.

Australia’s Channel 7 Sunday Night program recently ran a very revealing 30 minute documentary on Miller and his followers that provides a fascinating insight into the specifics of their movement, and the wider issue of cults and how they operate.  You can watch it here in full:

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