Poetry For A Better Life!

I’ve just come across a short clip of a fantastic interview with David Whyte, the author of several books of poetry and a book of prose and poetry entitled: The Heart Aroused.

Whyte makes a very cogent case that poetry allows us to acknowledge the fullness of our being in ways that are often impossible in daily life. An he is of course correct; poetry allows us to enter the hidden recesses of our personality and to explore our emotions and creativity in greater breadth and depth.

Whyte points out that when we deny the insights that poetry provides, it can prove injurious to the soul and is bad for relationships and business. Poetry unites us with the soul of the world claims Whyte, and this is particularly evident during times of crisis, where poetry provides wisdom, solace and guidance.

I can personally vouch for the advantages of both writing and reading poetry during times of turmoil and crisis; it is therapy for the soul and I cannot imagine life without Burns, Goethe, Merton, Gibran and so many others.

You can purchase the entire hour long interview with Whyte on the ‘Thinking Allowed’ website here: http://www.thinkingallowed.com/2dwhyte.html.  You can also watch an eight minute segment of the interview here:

One response to “Poetry For A Better Life!”

  1. Great video! Very insightful.

    Mark Blasini


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