Face to Face with Carl Jung

In the BBC series ‘Face to Face’, John Freeman interviews a number of influential thinkers, the most important of which (at least in my opinion) is the great Psychiatrist, Philosopher and founder of the Analytic Psychology movement, Carl Gustav Jung.

The interview, which takes place at Jung’s home in Zürich, provides a very powerful insight into Jung’s main ideas and his tumultuous relationship with Sigmund Freud. We learn about Jung’s early life, including the moment in his eleventh year when he realized he was an individual, with a unique perspective on life and consciousness. He then spends some time talking about his friendship with Sigmund Freud, and explains the divergence of professional opinion which meant that the friendship could not last. Jung talks at some length on the importance of spirituality in providing a framework within which a meaningful life can be lived. Moreover, he explains his belief that the psyche is not wholly bound by time and space, therefore consciousness, in some form, carries on after physical death.

That Jung is an engaging, charismatic, intelligent and thoughtful character is gloriously borne out by this film.  You can watch the entire interview here (courtesy of YouTube):

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