Televangelist Watchdog May Be Forced to Close

Televangelists make me deeply uneasy, particularly the ones who pedal a ‘prosperity gospel’ message and in so doing soliciting donations from the most vulnerable people – those who are desperate. And that is why we need organisations like the Trinity Foundation, whose investigators have uncovered the dodgy dealings and sex scandals associated with these characters for four decades.

Unfortunately, according to Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches, Trinity may soon be forced to shut down its operations if it can’t raise enough funds to continue.

As Posner writes: ‘Trinity, a Christian group, has committed itself to fighting fraud in televangelism because of its “stain on the cause of Christ.” Its investigations and indefatigable research have led to some of the most notorious exposes of televangelism fraud‘.

Let us hope and pray that the work of Trinity will continue in some shape or form. For further information you can read Posner’s article by clicking on the following link:

Televangelist Watchdog May Be Forced to Close Its Doors | Religion Dispatches.

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