New Publication: The Other Side of Light

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NEW PUBLICATION: The Other Side of Light by Scott Peddie & Columba O’Neill

In this short collection of poems, the echo of the spiritual life leaves its indelible mark on each page and in each word spoken. 

It is unusual in that it stems from what at first seems to be two divergent spiritual paths: one a Presbyterian Minister and the other a Cistercian Monk. But in actual fact the spiritual convergence is very clear for the reader to see as the poetry progresses. Common themes of silence, contemplation and reflection, among others, make their presence felt and witness to the fact that God is our reality, regardless of how we choose to express ourselves ecclesiastically. 

The Other Side of Light is a testament to the fact that God can be perceived in all things, and the joy of the Christian journey comes from discovering that reality and in expressing it in words.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Columba O’Neill has been a Cistercian Monk, living in Bethlehem Abbey in Co. Antrim, for more than fifty years. Scott Peddie lives in Co. Antrim and is a Presbyterian Minister and member of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans. He has published two previous books of poetry ‘Embracing Imperfection’ and ‘Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey’.

The Other Side of Light is available in Kindle format from Amazon.  In the USA, you can purchase the book here:  In the UK or Ireland, you can download the book here:

If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can download the Kindle reader for your PC, Mac, phone or tablet by visiting the Amazon website.


One response to “New Publication: The Other Side of Light”

  1. Pauline McGouran Avatar
    Pauline McGouran

    Wonderful, I choose this word carefully, I am full of wonder at the silence that has enveloped my chaotic living room, as I begin to slowly read …….. Sent from my iPad


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