The Perennial Quest For Ultimate Meaning


As a Logotherapist and a Christian Minister it comes as no surprise to me that Logotherapy is compatible with, but not exclusive to, the practical expression of a Christian worldview.

The best book on the subject, in my opinion, is ‘Logotherapy and the Logos of God in Christic Wisdom’ by Jeremiah Murasso, a Priest and Therapist. Murasso briefly elucidates the key similarities between Jesus’ ministry of healing, and the principles of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy, that is Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

These words from Murasso strike me as being particularly meaningful (note: he uses masculine references as gender-generic):

Although man has often become distracted and at times despondent in his search for ultimate meaning, he has never abandoned this quest.  The reason for man’s persistence lies in the resiliency of man’s spirit, which although buried and at times bruised by the world, yearns for wholeness and completeness. The Christic Wisdom of the New Testament describes Christ nourishing the bruised yet yearning human spirit as he seeks to rekindle man’s awareness of his noetic core.

10 thoughts on “The Perennial Quest For Ultimate Meaning

  1. What is a Christian world view? It seems if the claimed Devine inspiration for that world view is unreliable and even insane!


    1. Hi Robert,

      The basic premise of a Christian worldview is that ultimate meaning is found beyond the self, and is grounded in the Divine. The exact contours of that understanding varies, at least to some degree, among different Christian groups.

      Logotherapy works with the individual, and as such, it works with people in all their diversity, whether as theists or non-theists.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Best wishes,


      1. So there is no difference between Christianity and any other social theory? It makes sense that Christianity is under performing in insight!


      2. There is of course a difference! What I’m saying is that for the purposes of a Logotherapy, one has freedom to explore ultimate meaning. It is not the job of the therapist to impart or project their faith perspective, however that is defined, on to a client.


      3. Obvious difference is not obvious unless you are blind! Christianity is unreliable…the earth is not flat!


      4. How so? Christianity is unreliable! Reliability suggests truth!
        Christianity is not interested in truth. If God inspired the texts that are the basis of the faith, then why has it been so wrong and absurd? Why did God imply that man was the center of creation, the earth the center of the universe and that monarchy is the only God political system endorsed by God?
        Why did it take 500 years to apologize to Galileo for his persecution for speaking the truth?
        ….Christianity is not from God and is threatened by truth! It is a convoluted believe in absurdity after absurdity…interested only in protecting itself and the story from the onslaught of truth and reality! 😎


      5. There are so many issues in what you say Robert. Christianity has clearly not done itself any favours historically. The problem though is not with Christianity itself, rather it resides in how fallible humans have used Christianity to project political power.

        Also, I would suggest that you seem to be drawing examples from a particular ‘fundamentalist’ view of Christianity, where Genesis is in essence viewed as a science textbook. There are many Christians who regard the creation accounts as parables that point to a greater truth.

        I understand that you’re very hostile towards Christianity. I won’t be able to change that! But I do suggest that there is much more diversity out there than might seem to be the case at first glance.

        Thanks for your comments.

        Best wishes,


      6. If scripture was inspired by God then why the deception or were the texts only the creation of primitive men devoid of inspiration? The second description explains why dinosaurs, the universe and truth was falsely stated!


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