The Search For Healing

Here is an excerpt from a short reflection delivered this morning at Cliftonville Moravian Church. You can listen to the entire audio file by clicking on the link below:


‘We come here every Sunday, to seek some form of healing.  And we do so, not necessarily to expect the miraculous, although we can never and should never rule that out.  The healing we seek may be physical, but it’s more probably emotional or spiritual.  We may receive healing though others – doctors, nurses, therapists, ministers or priests – but whatever healing we seek, whatever healing we receive, it is always under the providence of God.  God is in control.

God provides comfort for the weak and downtrodden; God provides respite from the relentless pace of modern life; God provides refuge for those who are cast down and weary, the forgotten and the marginalised. He is here for all of us. In his presence, there is always healing and transformation. We may not recognise it instantly, but it is there nonetheless; it may not come in ways we expect, but it comes nonetheless; it may not appear when we expect it, but it appears nonetheless.

And so with expectant hearts and open minds, we come here today, in the quiet and the simple beauty of this place….to receive Christ; not in the fanfare and noise, but in the peace and calm of our hearts.

Let us receive him in to our presence, now and always, and let us be healed.


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