Logotherapy in Everyday Life

‘Reaching Your Potential: Using Logotherapy in Everyday Life’

4 sessions: 25th September & 2nd/9th/16th October 2018

7pm – 9pm

 Mirabilis Health, 7 Farmley Road, Glengormley, Co. Antrim, BT36 7TY

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, sometimes known as the ‘Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy’ and following on from Freud’s Psychoanalysis and Adler’s Individual Psychology, was formulated by the Psychiatrist and Neurologist Professor Viktor Frankl. As a meaning-centred psychotherapeutic approach, Logotherapy is both internationally acknowledged and empirically based.

Logotherapy has a wide-range of applications from the clinical to the pastoral and beyond.  It is typically used in a clinical setting to deal with depression, anxiety, phobias and trauma.  In the pastoral setting it is can assist those who are questioning or exploring the meaning of life, death, relationships, work or study.  Moreover, Logotherapy can help to re-orientate individuals experiencing meaninglessness, boredom, emptiness, despair or fell frustrated in their quest to reach their full potential in their career.

This series of personal development workshops is open to anyone who is keen to apply Logotherapy in their own lives; no prior knowledge is requires nor assumed.


  • The seminar will cover an overview of the core tenets of Logotherapy ranging from its philosophical basis to the practical application in a range of settings.
  • We will explore personal identity and the link between the unconscious and the conscious in better understanding ourselves.
  • Of key importance will be exploring the role of meaning in life as a means of enhancing well-being, facilitating attitudinal change and fulfilling potential/setting direction in all aspects of life.
  • The tools explored during the workshops will enable participants to reflect on the application of meaning-based approaches in specific settings.
  • There will be time for refreshments, reflection and discussion.
  • A ‘Certificate of Completion’ will be awarded to those who are taking the course as part of their CPD.


Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie BSc., MSc., MDiv., PhD., GradCertTh, FRSA, Academic Associate in Logotherapy (Dublin), Diploma in Logotherapy & Existential Analysis (Dublin/Vienna).

Scott is an accredited Logotherapist and Existential Analyst, offering one-to-one therapy sessions and training at Mirabilis Health.  Previous workshops run by Scott have included: dream analysis, spirituality and mental health, reflective practice and practical Logotherapy.                                  

Price: £20.00 per person per session (£80 in total). Payments can be made by cash, credit/debit card or cheques written to: ‘Mirabilis Health’

Registration: In order to secure your place in this workshop please confirm your attendance in advance.

For further information and to register please contact: Cosmin Muresan (Training & Facilities Manager, Mirabilis Health), Tel: 02890 426918, Email: mirabilis.training@icloud.com

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