About Me

My name is Scott Peddie and I’m a Moravian Minister living and working in Northern Ireland.  My interests are varied and include contemplative prayer, ecumenism, inter-faith dialogue, social justice, the dialogue between science and religion, and mental health advocacy.

In terms of education, I have degrees in Marine Biology (BSc & PhD), Business Management (MSc), Theology (MDiv & GradCert Th) and professional qualifications in Logotherapy & Existential analysis (Academic Associate/Diploma).  I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

I am a co-founder and chair of the Northern Irish branch of Church Action on Poverty, former chair of the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum and a former director/trustee of a range of charities/not-for profit organisations that include Christian Aid Ireland, Aquaculture without Frontiers (UK), Church Action on Poverty and the European Aquaculture Society.  I am founder/chair of the inter-denominational Thomas Merton Fellowship for Peace and Contemplative Living in Ireland.

I have taught mindfulness/relaxation techniques at Mirabilis Health (Glengormley, Co. Antrim), in addition to providing training/spiritual direction for clergy/chaplains. I now offer Logotherapy, a meaning-centred approach to psychotherapy, at Mirabilis (www.mirabilishealth.co.uk; http://www.scottpeddie.com) and see a diverse group of clients.

Prior to ordination I worked for several years as a research biologist, animal health economist, research manager and managing director of  a consultancy company.  I have lived and worked in Norway, Ireland, New Zealand and Scotland prior to settling in Northern Ireland.

I am an advocate of a progressive form of Christianity that dispenses with the old (and unhelpful) labels of ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’.  It is ‘eclectic’ in the sense that it transcends conventional denominational boundaries and aims simply to follow Christ by seeking the truth, wherever that may be found.


11 thoughts on “About Me

    1. So many issues I meet ever day in the classroom and you are dealing with all of them in the above section. Thank you Scott. You continue to be an inspiration with your blogs on all kinds of themes and very human issues.


  1. Hi Scott. My name’s Jonny Hanson and I’m a Christian environmentalist from Northern Ireland. Along with Barton Creeth, I’m helping to organise and (re)launch an organisation called Christians on the Left (http://www.christiansontheleft.org.uk/) in Northern ireland as a forum for left-leaning Christians of all parties and none to discuss faith and politics in our part of the world and beyond.

    We’re having an informal discussion evening at Fitzroy Presbyterian on Monday 13th October from 19:00 – 20:30. You’d be very welcome. If you contact me with your email address I can send you a proper invite.

    God bless,



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