Let It Be Forgotten

Although some may criticise Sara Teasdale’s poetry as being relatively unsophisticated, I find it emotionally evocative and poignant. Take her ‘Let It Be Forgotten’ poem: it may well be short, but as with all good poetry, it makes one stand back for a second, and to think……….. Let it be forgotten, as a flower is … More Let It Be Forgotten

Letting Go

There are times in life when we are weary: weary of conflict, or pain, or uncertainty; when circumstances lead us to a place we did not choose, or we desperately try to hold fast to that which has gone.  Moving forward can be disquieting; the past can be comforting. Yet, we live in the moment, … More Letting Go

Looking to Christmas: The Infinite Mercy of God

What kings and leaders of nations, philosophers and artists, founders of religions and teachers of morals have tried in vain to do—that now happens through a newborn child. Putting to shame the most powerful human efforts and accomplishments, a child is placed here at the midpoint of world history—a child born of human beings, a … More Looking to Christmas: The Infinite Mercy of God

Bonhoeffer’s Prayer

O God, early in the morning I cry to you. Help me to pray And to concentrate my thoughts on you; I can’t do this alone. In me there’s darkness, But with you there’s light; I’m lonely, but you don’t leave me; I’m feeble in heart, but with you there’s help; I’m restless, but with … More Bonhoeffer’s Prayer

Logotherapy in Everyday Life

‘Reaching Your Potential: Using Logotherapy in Everyday Life’ 4 sessions: 25th September & 2nd/9th/16th October 2018 7pm – 9pm  Mirabilis Health, 7 Farmley Road, Glengormley, Co. Antrim, BT36 7TY Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, sometimes known as the ‘Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy’ and following on from Freud’s Psychoanalysis and Adler’s Individual Psychology, was formulated by the … More Logotherapy in Everyday Life