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Conjectures of an Eclectic Christian

All too often we hear negative stories about Christianity, where institutionalised religion goes against the grain of a vibrant and living faith and Jesus the revolutionary is lost in a sea of social conservatism.  It can be easy to forget that the plethora of bible passages from both the Old and New Testaments bear witness …

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For some time now I’ve been fascinated by Carl Jung and groundbreaking work in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis.  Although for me, Jung was far more – he was a mystic and a very unconventional ‘holy man’ who gave us a profound insight into human nature and its interaction with the Divine. I was …

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I recently came across a fantastic short documentary entitled ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’.  A well-known figure in both the ecclesiastical and popular realms, The Reverend Canon Andrew White is known for his dogged determination to provide a strong Christian witness in the war-torn suburbs of Iraq’s capital city. White is vicar of St George’s Church, Baghdad, the only Anglican church left in …

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It was Henry Marsh, a celebrated neurosurgeon, who once so perceptively said: ‘what are we if we don’t try to help others…we’re nothing, nothing at all.’ These words were uttered in the closing moments of ‘The English Surgeon’ an emotionally charged BBC film that looks at Marsh’s charitable work in Ukraine. Marsh, and his fellow …

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The mental health provision in North Korea is truly shocking.  In my bipolar blog – ‘an uneasy awakening’ I explore some of the issues that confront those struggling with mental illness in this isolated country. Bipolar In North Korea: A Frightening Prospect?.

Ask any Greek citizen about austerity and they will tell you about a broken country – one in which the poorest and most marginalised have lost what little stake they had in a society reeling from an unprecedented economic collapse and painful bailout.  Fiscal austerity is not just a phrase – it has real consequences …

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The very last thing most of us want to talk about is our own death! The prospect of our earthly demise tends to elicit fear and denial, even for Christians (and others) with a philosophical understanding of the afterlife .  But it needn’t be like that.  It may sound rather morbid, but thinking about, and …

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Today saw the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, arguably the most divisive Prime Minister the UK has ever had.  Some love her, some loath her; nobody has ‘no opinion’ when it come to assessing her legacy. When Thatcher swept to power in 1979, I was only 6 years of age. Over the next eleven and a-half …

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From Homeless to Harvard!

January 25, 2013

Dawn Loggins grew up in a home with no electricity or running water. Her home life was chaotic.

Before the start of her senior year at Burns High School, where she also works as a janitor, she was abandoned by her parents and found herself homeless.

Rather than turning her over to the Department of Social Service, school staff and the community of Lawndale, North Carolina decided to become Dawn’s family. They’ve supported her with housing and have helped her to complete her secondary school education.

Dawn is an incredibly hard worker and has maintained her grades despite the emotional and financial hardship she’s endured.

Dawn is not angry with her parents – she just knows that she wants to make different decisions in her life. And this she has done already – her grades are excellent and she’s even been accepted by Harvard.

The Lawndale community are so proud of Dawn’s achievements, they have agreed to support her through her Harvard studies.

Dawn’s story is so heartwarming; it reminds us all that we really can make a difference to the lives of others. Community really can work! As the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once wrote: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.’

 You can watch Dawn’s inspirational story here: From Homeless to Harvard

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