Thomas Merton: The Poetry of Pain & Perspective

For many years now I have been very much a fan of the writings of the monk, writer, theologian and mystic, Thomas Merton. His commentaries and insights into ethics, non-violence, social action, the contemplative life, inter-faith dialogue and so much more, have been of great interest, and application, to me on my own very personal … More Thomas Merton: The Poetry of Pain & Perspective

Celebrating Robert Burns: The People’s Poet

“Is There for Honest Poverty”, frequently referred to as “A Man’s a Man for A’ That”, is a Scots song published in 1795 by Robert Burns, Scotland’s pre-eminent poet and lyricist.  It is a classic, and timeless expression of egalitarianism. It has long been one of my favourite pieces; its critique of pretentiousness is clear, as is its reminder … More Celebrating Robert Burns: The People’s Poet

‘It Is Still A Beautiful World’

Amidst the turmoil of life, the triumphs and the frustrations, the laughter and the pain, we are called to introspection.  Such self-examination takes many forms, and occurs at different points in our journey; it is a reflection the growing awareness of the truth of Carl Jung’s insightful observation: ‘who looks outside dreams who looks inside … More ‘It Is Still A Beautiful World’

Believe In Love

‘Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love, there is a strength, and a blessing, so large, that you can travel as far as you wish, without having to step outside it’. Rainer Maria Rilke

Re-framing Doubt: The Stuff of Faith & Spiritual Growth?

This is the text of my sermon preached today in Cliftonville Moravian Church, Belfast: When I was training to be a scientist, and later when I worked in that field professionally, it was very common for co-workers to get together and discuss their latest results from any experiments that had been done.  A very common … More Re-framing Doubt: The Stuff of Faith & Spiritual Growth?