In the Beginning Was Love: Contemplative Words of Robert Lax

From Templegate Publishers: ‘Robert Lax, (1915-2000), was a poet, hermit, sage, and peacemaker. Thomas Merton said of Lax, “He had a natural, instinctive spirituality, an inborn direction to the living God.” Jack Kerouac called him “a Pilgrim in search of beautiful innocence.” A native of New York, Lax graduated from Columbia University in 1938 with … More In the Beginning Was Love: Contemplative Words of Robert Lax

Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey

Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey is a collection of abstract art, photography and poems by Scott Peddie, a minister and scientist who, after years of suffering from depression, has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. The poetry, which is often agonising, always tender and thoughtful, reflects Scott’s experience of living with this complex condition and … More Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey

Embracing Imperfection

From the website of the publisher of my new book: The Crystal Bard Press are delighted to have published Scott Peddie’s new book Embracing Imperfection, a collection of poetry inspired by his experiences of bipolar affective disorder. Scott is a scientist and Christian minister whose wide and deep concerns include contemplative prayer and social justice as … More Embracing Imperfection

Poetic Wisdom

“Pangur Bán” is a wonderful Old Irish poem, written in the 9th century at or around Reichenau Abbey. Composed by an Irish monk, the poem explores the wisdom and inspiration that can be drawn from observing cats. As anyone who has ever lived with a cat can confirm, they are among the wisest of creatures. Below is … More Poetic Wisdom

Exquisite Poetry: ‘For Lovers Of God Everywhere’

I have accumulated thousands of books over the years, but I would hazard a guess that perhaps only a handful of those would fit into the category of ‘must haves’  or ‘books that are so enriching/life-affirming/insightful that I could not do without them! Roger Housden’s For Lovers of God Everywhere: Poems of the Christian Mystics’ is one such … More Exquisite Poetry: ‘For Lovers Of God Everywhere’