‘Man Cannot Stand A Meaningless Life’

Carl Jung was a fascinating, engaging and pioneering Psychiatrist who had an in-depth knowledge of theology, anthropology, philosophy, archaeology and mythology; he was a unique polymath and very much ahead of his time. Jung’s ‘Analytical Psychology’ has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact in various fields of human endeavour. Jung was interviewed in … More ‘Man Cannot Stand A Meaningless Life’

Holocaust Memorial Day & Mental Health

Friday past marked Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK, and the International Holocaust Memorial Day across the globe. Each year people come together, from across religious and cultural divides to remember the genocides that have scarred humanity deeply and irrevocably. Many moving commemorative events have taken place; some have been very public events, whilst others … More Holocaust Memorial Day & Mental Health

Understanding Altruism

A multi-disciplinary research team from Washington DC and Washington State have published an important new study entitled ‘Neural and cognitive characteristics of extraordinary altruists.’ Altruism, and particularly costly altruism toward strangers, such as kidney donation, is poorly understood by science, particularly in the fields of evolutionary biology and psychology. The question has been posed time … More Understanding Altruism

Carl Jung: The Unconscious & The Function of Religion

Sea of Faith was a six-part documentary television series, produced by the BBC and first screened in 1984.  Presented by English philosopher and theologian Don Cupitt, the series explored the interface between the history of Christianity and critical thought through the lens of scientific advances, political atheism and societal secularisation. Of all the Sea of Faith productions, Cupitt’s short … More Carl Jung: The Unconscious & The Function of Religion

Dr. Michael Stone: The Psychopathology of ‘Evil’ Children

Dr. Michael Stone, a Forensic Psychiatrist from Columbia University, is perhaps best known in popular culture as the the host of the Discovery Channel show, ‘Most Evil’.  In ‘Most Evil’, Stone developed and employed a ‘scale of evil’ which took into account a number of factors with the aim of categorizing perpetrators of heinous crimes. … More Dr. Michael Stone: The Psychopathology of ‘Evil’ Children

Religious Fundamentalism: A ‘Mental Illness’ To Be Cured?

According to http://www.rawstory.com, Oxford Neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor made a very thought-provoking comment recently during a talk at the Hay Literary Festival in Wales.  When asked what positive developments she anticipated in neuroscience in the next 60 years, rawstory states the following: ‘“One of the surprises may be to see people with certain beliefs as people … More Religious Fundamentalism: A ‘Mental Illness’ To Be Cured?

Controlling Brain Waves: The Secret Of Meditation’s Success?

As a mindfulness practitioner myself, I’ve often struggled to articulate the mechanisms through which meditation might actually work, mainly because there hasn’t been a plethora of scientific literature on this subject. But that might be about to change. Rick Nauert, in his recent article on Psych Central entitled ‘Controlling Brain Waves May Be Key to … More Controlling Brain Waves: The Secret Of Meditation’s Success?