Living a Meaningful Life…….What Does it Matter?

Todd May, a Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University asks some searching questions in his article ‘The Meaningfulness of Lives.’  How do we define meaning?  Does it really matter?  Should we just stop ‘navel gazing’ and get on with life?  Oh, and does philosophy (and by extension, theology) have anything useful to say to us … More Living a Meaningful Life…….What Does it Matter?

What Happens When We Die?

“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes” according to Mark Twain……..and a few others that came before and after him. So, what actually happens when we die?  All faiths and wisdom traditions have something to say about the destiny of our ‘soul’ (however that is defined) when our bodies die. But what does science say?  Perhaps this is … More What Happens When We Die?

I Don’t Need to Believe……I Know!

I don’t need to believe….I know!  So says the famous Psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung in an interview given to the BBC in the mid-1950’s, shortly before his death. At first glance, Jung’s enigmatic statement contrasting knowledge with belief seems rather difficult to fathom.  Thankfully he goes on to explain in much … More I Don’t Need to Believe……I Know!