Dementia and Consciousness: Insights into a Bigger Picture?

There are a multitude of unsolved mysteries when it comes to consciousness research. Consider the oft reported phenomenon of end of life lucidity in dementia patients. If dementia causes a neurological breakdown, what can explain this sudden final restoration of lucidity? Could it be the remaining neurons tapping in to the ‘collective unconscious’, or is … More Dementia and Consciousness: Insights into a Bigger Picture?

Understanding Consciousness with Antonio Damasio

Every morning we wake up and regain consciousness, which is in itself an almost miraculous fact.  But what exactly is it that we regain? What is consciousness and how can it be described?  In this short lecture, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio attempts to answer that question and in doing so, gives us a glimpse into how … More Understanding Consciousness with Antonio Damasio

What Happens When We Die?

“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes” according to Mark Twain……..and a few others that came before and after him. So, what actually happens when we die?  All faiths and wisdom traditions have something to say about the destiny of our ‘soul’ (however that is defined) when our bodies die. But what does science say?  Perhaps this is … More What Happens When We Die?