Holocaust Memorial Day & Mental Health

Friday past marked Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK, and the International Holocaust Memorial Day across the globe. Each year people come together, from across religious and cultural divides to remember the genocides that have scarred humanity deeply and irrevocably. Many moving commemorative events have taken place; some have been very public events, whilst others … More Holocaust Memorial Day & Mental Health

Understanding Altruism

A multi-disciplinary research team from Washington DC and Washington State have published an important new study entitled ‘Neural and cognitive characteristics of extraordinary altruists.’ Altruism, and particularly costly altruism toward strangers, such as kidney donation, is poorly understood by science, particularly in the fields of evolutionary biology and psychology. The question has been posed time … More Understanding Altruism

Existentialism & Ethics In Action: The Life Of A Neurosurgeon

It was Henry Marsh, a celebrated neurosurgeon, who once so perceptively said: ‘what are we if we don’t try to help others…we’re nothing, nothing at all.’ These words were uttered in the closing moments of ‘The English Surgeon’ an emotionally charged BBC film that looks at Marsh’s charitable work in Ukraine. Marsh, and his fellow … More Existentialism & Ethics In Action: The Life Of A Neurosurgeon

Rediscovering Orthopraxy

Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was unique.  A theologian, musician, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Schweitzer was a Christian who lived out his faith in an intensely practical way. After giving up a career as a distinguished theologian, Schweitzer dedicated his life to serving God as … More Rediscovering Orthopraxy

Asking Uncomfortable Questions: Sacrificing Oneself for Others?

Sacrificing ourselves for others, or indeed the greater good, doesn’t seem to have much currency in our modern society where individualism holds sway.  Or is this really the case?  Are there still people around who live out Jesus’ famous injunction written in John 15: 13 that ‘Greater love has no one than this, that one … More Asking Uncomfortable Questions: Sacrificing Oneself for Others?

Death, Law & Living: The Autobiography of an Execution

David R. Dow is a fascinating character.  As the Cullen Professor at the University of Houston Law Center and the Rorschach Visiting Professor of History at Rice University, his academic credentials are extensive.   Aside from academia, Dow works tirelessly as a death penalty lawyer and has represented more than one hundred inmates at their state and federal appeals. … More Death, Law & Living: The Autobiography of an Execution