Rev. Dr. Scott Peddie

Conjectures of an Eclectic Christian

As the Merton Fellowship for Peace and Contemplative Living met this weekend on a day retreat in All Souls Church in Belfast, I found myself reflecting on how far we have come in the four or so years we have been in existence.  Since the first tentative steps were taken in an initial meeting held …

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In September 2005, one hundred and forty people of varying ages and backgrounds came together for three days near Yosemite National Park.  Their reason? To participate in an initiative known as the ‘Palestinian/Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp’. Attendees hailed from both North America and the Middle East and they had a common goal – to begin …

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This video post on the CBS News website is an interesting insight into the basic beliefs of Hindus, Zoroastrians and Bahá’ís.  It doesn’t go in to a great deal of detail concerning comparative doctrine, but it is most certainly a useful starting point for further investigation.  You can access it here: