Mental Disorders: Confusing or Instructive?

The mind fascinates me. It is dazzling in its complexity and can throw up some incredibly interesting questions.  Take the more outlandish mental disorders as an example.  The website rather helpfully has put together a list aptly entitled ‘10 little known mental disorders‘ that include details of the following and really make us think: … More Mental Disorders: Confusing or Instructive?

Man Becomes Genius After Head Injury

ABCNEWS.COM – This ABC story on Jason Padgett, who sees the world in geometric forms after receiving a brain injury a decade ago, is amazing. Following a violent mugging his whole world changed; he now creates the most amazing art from fractal geometry and has acquired unprecedented insight into the relationship between mathematical formulae and … More Man Becomes Genius After Head Injury

Why Might Our Minds Be Better Suited to Religion Than to Science?

According to Robert McCauley, the William Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor and the director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture at Emory University: Religion involves cognitive representations and cognitive processing that come naturally to human minds, while science traffics in radically counterintuitive representations and in forms of cognitive processing whose acquisition and mastery require disciplined … More Why Might Our Minds Be Better Suited to Religion Than to Science?