‘Man Cannot Stand A Meaningless Life’

Carl Jung was a fascinating, engaging and pioneering Psychiatrist who had an in-depth knowledge of theology, anthropology, philosophy, archaeology and mythology; he was a unique polymath and very much ahead of his time. Jung’s ‘Analytical Psychology’ has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact in various fields of human endeavour. Jung was interviewed in … More ‘Man Cannot Stand A Meaningless Life’

Film Review: ‘Matter of Heart’

Matter of Heart is a wonderfully deep and compelling portrait of the psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung.  His genius was extraordinary and manifested itself in the quality of his original thought, as well as his ability to break through conventional boundaries and redefine how we view the essential nature of humanity and … More Film Review: ‘Matter of Heart’

I Don’t Need to Believe……I Know!

I don’t need to believe….I know!  So says the famous Psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung in an interview given to the BBC in the mid-1950’s, shortly before his death. At first glance, Jung’s enigmatic statement contrasting knowledge with belief seems rather difficult to fathom.  Thankfully he goes on to explain in much … More I Don’t Need to Believe……I Know!