Merton & Frankl: Meaning & Responsibility

Thomas Merton Plaque, Louisville (Photo Source: I.W. Marsh) The following quote, from the Cistercian Monk Thomas Merton, on responsibility and meaning could easily have been written by the Psychiatrist and Founder of Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl: “In the last analysis, the individual person is responsible for living his own life and for ‘finding himself.’ If he … More Merton & Frankl: Meaning & Responsibility

Existential Analysis: Faith Makes A Difference

Viktor Frankl, founder of the third Viennese School of Psychotherapy – Logotherapy and Existential Analysis – makes a very important point about the meaningfulness in life and how a person of faith experiences life in a different dimension. ┬áIt is this dimension that augments a person’s understanding of life as a task (or series of … More Existential Analysis: Faith Makes A Difference